Installing EPROMs in XYCOM operator interface screens

The use of an EPROM in the XYCOM will provide non-volatile storage of the operating software. This will maintain program memory independent of the Battery power, and should be less susceptible to electrical transients. This in turn, should greatly improve the reliability of the XYCOM. Should the XYCOM become defective, for some other reason, The EPROM can be removed and installed in the replacement XYCOM.

The following is a detailed procedure for installing the EPROM in the XYCOM.

Equipment needed : 3/8" nut driver, Flat bladed screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, and an IC insertion tool.

Parts Needed : PN 4122856 , EPROM (4704474) programmed with customer Software.


1. Disconnect power from the XYCOM. 
2. Disconnect primary serial port cable.
3 Remove the XYCOM from the MP6000 control panel by removing the twelve (12) 3/8" nuts
from the studs that secure the XYCOM to the panel door.
4. Place the XYCOM on work bench to remove cover.
( All directional references are by viewing the XYCOM from the back.)
5. Remove the three screws on the top left side of cover.
6. Remove the top back two screws of cover.
7. Remove the four flat blade screws and the three Phillips head screws on the right side of
the cover.
8. Remove cover from XYCOM.
9. Install the EPROM into socket U25. (See figure 2.2 for location of U25.)
10. Position jumper J10 to B for EPROM operation.
11. Reinstall the top/side panel cover of the XYCOM by replacing the screws that were removed.
12. Remove the cover plate from the back panel of the 2005 by removing the two screws.
(See figure 2.1 )
13. Position dipswitch 3 to ON (or closed) to select EPROM. The system configuration
Switches are beneath the cover plate on the back panel of the unit.
14. Replace the cover plate by attaching the two screws that were removed.
15. Install the XYCOM into the MP6000 control panel.
16. Reattach cable to Primary Serial port.
17. Reattach power cable to power plug.

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