APPLIES TO:    MP6000 controllers with XYCOM 2005 operator interface screen.  This procedure is for reloading screen software from another comparable machine.

PREREQUISITES:  Serial Communication cable.  AT or XT type keyboard.


  1. Attach cable to secondary serial ports of both Xycoms.
  2. Attach the keyboard to the Xycom that will be receiving programs. ( If using a XT keyboard. Remove back cover plate and set dipswitch #1 to the on or closed position. See figure 2.1.)
  3. Apply power to this Xycom.
  4. Press F10 on the external keyboard twice. This will bring up the setup main menu on the Xycom.
  5. Choose option #2, Program Utilities. This will bring up the Program Utilities menu.
  6. Choose option #6, Erase.
  7. Erase starting at which program ? (1-255) . Choose 1
  8. Number of programs to erase ? (1-255) . Choose 255
  9. Ok to erase program 1 to 255 ? (y/n) Choose y
  10. After erase is complete - Press any key to continue.
  11. At the Program Utilities menu , Press enter.
  12. At the Main Menu, Choose option #!, Configuration.
  13. AT the Primary Serial Port Configuration Menu, verify that the following items are Set correctly.
    1. Baud Rate 19.2K = 7
    2. Parity enabled = 1
    3. Odd Parity = 1
    4. Data Bits = 0
    5. Stop Bit = 0
    6. Disable Multiplex Handshaking = 0
  14. Press ‘C’ for the next configuration menu.
  15. Verify that the following items are set correctly.
    1. Baud Rate 9600 = 6
    2. Even Parity = 0
    3. Parity Disabled = 0
    4. Data Bits = 1
    5. Full Duplex = 1
    6. Handshaking Enabled = 1
    7. Xon/Xoff = 0
    8. Don’t Echo Input = 0
  16. Press Enter
  17. From the Main Menu, Choose option #3, Backup/Restore.
  18. From the Backup/Restore Menu, choose option #2, Xycom is now waiting to receive the program.
  19. Disconnect the keyboard from this Xycom.
  20. Attach the keyboard to the Xycom that will be sending the programs.
  21. Apply power to this Xycom.
  22. Press F10 twice on the keyboard to bring up the setup menu.
  23. From the main menu, choose option #1, Configuration.
  24. Press ‘C’ for the next configuration menu.
  25. Verify that the Baud Rate is set to 9600. If not, change it to 9600 and press enter.
  26. From the Main Menu, choose option #3, Backup/Restore.
  27. Choose option #1, Backup Programs.
  28. Choose ‘P’ to backup programs.
  29. Choose ‘A’ to backup all programs. The Xycom is now transmitting programs to the Second Xycom.
  30. After the backup is complete, Press enter twice on both Xycoms.
  31. Turn the power off to both Xycoms.
  32. Disconnect the external keyboard.
  33. Disconnect the cable from both Xycoms.
  34. Turn the power on to both Xycoms. The Xycoms should boot up and be ready for Operation.
  35. If the Xycom that has just been loaded does not display the start screen, go back to the configuration screen as described above.  On the third configuration screen there is a parameter that is called "Startup Program Block Number."  Make sure that parameter is set to 1.



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