APPLIES TO:  MP6000 controllers / Gaston AT dyeing machines with SECO inverter drives for lifter reels.

PREREQUISITES:  Laptop or other IBM compatible computer with a communication software package such as PROCOMM.  Serial communication cable.  Copy of Gaston County basic program, normally titled SECODRVS.BAS.


1)    Turn the power off on the MP6000 controller.
2)    Disconnect the DB25 connector on the front of the Basic Module.
3)     Remove the Basic Module card from the PLC slot.
4)    Move the top DIP switch (marked 4) to the right.  NOTE:  Now all the DIP switches should be to the right or in the OFF position.
5)    With the power still OFF, replace the Basic Module into the original slot.
6)      Connect the serial cable from the laptop to the bottom DB25 connector on the Basic Module to the Com1 connection on the laptop.
7)    Turn the laptop and the MP6000 on.  Run your communication software.  NOTE:  Some software packages must be run from DOS, so you may need to "restart" in MSDOS mode.  This example describes running the commonly available PROCOMM software package.
8)    type NEW then press <page up>.  You will see protocol settings.
9)    Select 7.  This is the choice for ASCII file type.
10)    The computer will now ask for file name.  Type the path where the SECODRVS.BAS program is located on your computer.
11)    type "CALL EEWRITE" <enter>  NOTE:  Type exactly as shown, upper case and include the quotes.
12)    The computer will now write the program to EEPROM.  The STAT1 LED on the Basic Module will now flash for several minutes indicating that the operation is in progress.  When finished the STAT1 LED will stop flashing.
13)    Type LIST <enter>  You should see the program flashing across the screen.  This allows you to verify the the program was loaded.  It will stop at 9000.
14)  Press <alt>+X to exit the program.
15)    Turn off power to the MP6000. 
16)    Remove the Basic Module and return the DIP switch 4 of S3 to the left position - the other switches will remain to the right.
17)    Replace the Basic Module in the original slot.  Reattach the internal cable to the original port.
18)    Turn the power back on the the MP6000.  When the PLC runs its startup sequence, the Run LED should come on on the Basic Module.  The machine is now ready to run.

Copyright 2003 by Gaston County Dyeing Machine Company.  All rights reserved. 

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