The following self-adhesive labels are recommended for use on Gaston County equipment to improve operator awareness and safety.
Any of the labels shown below are available by calling our parts department at 704-822-5000.

Hazardous Area
Placed on mixing tanks.
Part Number 9118508
Warns operators to read operator's
 manual and safety information.
Part Number 4121608
Explosion hazard warning
Placed at points of entry to the machine.
Part Number 9118491

Burn hazard warning
Attached to potentially hot surfaces
 such as heat exchangers.
Part Number 9118492
Warning of hazardous voltage
Placed on electrical enclosures.
Part Number 4120817
Warning of moving parts
Placed on belt guards.
Part Number 9118490

Hazardous Process warning
Applied to addition tanks
Part Number 9118857

Explosion Hazard Warning
Used on doors / lids with quick
lock closures.
Part Number 9119048

Pressurized tank warning
Placed on air/oil reservoir tanks.
Part Number 3674187


Pictorial explosion hazard
Part Number 9118621


Pictorial burn hazard
Part Number 9118618


Pictorial dual roll hazard
Part Number 9118619


Pictorial belt drive hazard
Part Number 9118617


Pictorial electrical hazard
Part Number 9118620



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