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Advantages of the Gaston Series dyeing machines:

QUALITY DYEINGS   The fabric transport system protects delicate surfaces while providing outstanding fiber/liquor interchange to promote leveling and uniform shading LESS MAINTENANCE  Machines are engineered to uncompromising Gaston County quality standards.  All valves, bearings, seals, and auxiliary parts are carefully selected for longevity and reliable performance.
EASE OF OPERATION  Process enhancements make the Gastons easy to run and easy to load and unload.  They allow virtual tangle-free operation REDUCED EFFLUENT LOAD  Lower salt, alkali and chemical use per pound of fabric reduces the effluent load, making the Gaston an ecologically smart choice.
LOW RATIO DYEING / HIGH PRODUCTIVITY  Superior jet, lifter reel and chamber design provide excellent liquor exchange and smooth fabric movement at liquor ratios as low as 5:1.  The Gastons provide short dye cycles and low incidence of redyes, reworks or corrective adds.  Lower ratio dyeing reduces steam, water, and chemical use. PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE  Each customer is supported by the Gaston County customer service team.  This allows you to reach the right person within Gaston County when you need replacement parts or technical support.


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