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Yarn Drying Systems

Three yarn drying systems are available to work with your Gaston County Package Dyeing Machine, or in a stand-alone mode.  All incorporate heavy-duty, stainless steel construction to minimize maintenance and are easy to use, with standard features like the quick-locking kier lid.  Coupled with a Gaston County controller, operation consists of loading the machine and touching a button.

The PERV (Pressure Extractor, Reverse Valve) Dryer provides efficient drying and extraction of moisture from dyed yarn.  Our lowest cost dryer offers an economical balance between purchase price and operating cost.

The Avesta Dryer has been the industry workhorse since the mid-1960's, combining high speed and low operating cost for many yarn products.is one of industry's most efficient yarn dryers.

The HP-ST (High Pressure-Shell and Tube) Dryer   Evolving from the proven technology of the traditional Avesta design, drying performance has been enhanced by the use of a high pressure blower, shell and tube heat exchanger, mist eliminator and modern control system.



PERV Avesta HP-ST Feature
Large pipes and full flow valves minimize system pressure and volume losses, permitting air flow directly to the yarn
Quick opening and quick lock kier lids are standard
Single or multiple kiers can be sized to use the same carriers as the dyeing equipment
Kier Isolation valves may be installed on twin kier systems.  Prevent overdrying of packages in the dry kier and direct air flow to the remaining kier for more efficient cycles
Bypass valve is automatically controlled for blower anti-surge protection
Air operated carrier hold-down is standard
  Hot air can be programmed to increase at a desired rate
  Static pressure is programmable and automatically controlled.  It can be programmed to compensate for increased blower load as the drying progresses
  The condenser temperature setpoint can be programmed to change as drying progresses and the incoming air temperature rises, resulting in cooling water and steam savings
  Steam injection system for opening up warp beams
  Closed system prevents contamination of yarn and discharge of hot moist air into the environment
  Permits reclamation of energy used in drying in the form of clean hot water.
  Drying can be programmed either by achieving a pre-programmed differential between input and output air temperature with a preset time limit, or by time only
  The timed direction of air flow (inside/out, outside/in) can be programmed during all steps
  System sized for operation at 125 psi (862 kPa)
  Heaters and cooling coils are extra heavy duty fin type copper-nickel providing temperatures up to 300 degrees F (149 degrees C)
  Water separator and mist eliminator remove water from the air circulation system to improve efficiency and reduce drying time
    Maintenance-free shell, tube heater and condenser virtually eliminate downtime for cleaning
    High output blower (up to 400 hp) achieves the necessary air mass transfer for quick cycle times
    Offered in either vertical or horizontal motor configuration
    A programmable spray clean-out function is provided

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