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Automatic Chemical Dispensing
ChemFlow Gravimetric and Volumetric Dispensing Systems

Automatically selects, measures, and dispenses the required quantities of the proper chemicals to a side tank at the dyeing machine or charge tank:

bulletReduces errors and time delays
bulletController operates the valves and pump and measures flow
bulletRequires no operator
bulletCan select from 20 chemicals with dependable throughput
bulletWorks with totes, barrels, or bulk storage tanks
bulletTracks inventory and usage, and alerts when quantities are low

ChemTex Dispensing Control

A component of the SuperTex dyehouse management system, ChemTex provides automatic transfer and dispensing of up to 50 liquid chemicals, dyes and water from bulk storage.  Is customized as required by the user, typically delivering each material to as many as 100 individual destinations.


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